What is snailcrypt?

snailcrypt allows a time based encryption of an arbitary text. This is ensured by the central managament of the encryption keys by snailcrypt. After the given time is up every receiver of your text can finally read it.

Just for fun?

snailcrypt is more than a tool just for fun. It can be used in several different ways. Here are some application examples:

  1. For birthday presents
  2. To supply solutions for home assignments in school/university classes
  3. For ads - the fastest reader at release time wins!
  4. As a sharable digital time capsule
  5. As a sharable countdown timer

The officlal Webapp supports all this functionalities using a zero knowledge approach. This means that the message is at no point in time available as plaintext to the operator of Snailcrypt. Only you and your chosen recipients will receive the message.


For normal users we recommend using our Webapp. If you are an advanced user or a developer, then you might be interested in the following packages:

  1. snailcrypt-cli
  2. snailcrypt crate



Richard Bäck
Wetzelsdorf 68
A-4351 Saxen

You will find more information on the privacy police in the webapp.